The Real Reason You're Breaking Out Between Your Brows

Dr. Kraffert discusses breakouts that happen between your brows, touching on point such as what causes acne between brows.


First thing's first: What's the culprit of these pesky pimples? Well, a lot of things, unfortunately. Schaffer points out that things like hormones, bacteria, dead-skin-cell buildup, environmental factors like smoke, ingrown hair, overproduction of oil, makeup, and diet can play a key role when it comes to pimples. She notes that other common causes could be waxing, not removing your makeup, and bangs. However, that exact spot on your face is connected to something else. "In terms of the eyebrow location, the main focus is the liver," Schaffer explains. "The liver is an organ that detoxifies the body, breaks down chemicals for digestion, removes hormones and performs even more extensive work to keep the body healthy. The minute the liver's function is altered, the appearance of acne shows up between the eyebrows." 

Kraffert emphasizes that the fundamental problem of acne boils down to one thing. "The blockage of the duct between the oil gland and the skin surface," he explains. "It's what happens after this blockage occurs that determines the type of acne and acne lesions that develop. In certain circumstances, oil gland activity in the T-zone area may be higher than elsewhere on the skin, and with that activity may come increased incidence and severity of breakouts in acne-prone individuals."




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