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Will Amarte ship internationally?

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I received an email stating that there was an "address problem" with my order. What does this mean?

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In what sequence should I use Amarte skin care products?

What are the benefits of epidermal growth factor? Is it able to penetrate the skin deep enough to provide benefits?

What is bio-peptide SC – I’ve never seen it in other skin care products?

Is it true that a key moisturizing ingredient comes from high-tech processing of natural mushroom material?

Why is Daily Wonder® Cleansing Foam so concentrated?

Can Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam be used on other skin areas besides the face?

Do you have any tips for using Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam on combination skin?

What role does sulfur play in the effectiveness of Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam?

Why is Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam so rich in allantoin?

How much Daily ExfoliPowder® should I use? How do I control flow of powder from the container?

What makes ExfoliPowder so different from other exfoliant cleansers? Why is it called a Wonder Wash?

Rice versus corn versus other seed-based exfoliants. Which seed serves as the best base for exfoliant powders?

This product doesn’t feel gritty like other exfoliant powders. Does the smoothness of this product indicate that it won’t work as well as others?

ExfoliPowder’s fragrance is delightfully fresh. What are the component fragrance essences?

What are the functions of the plant extracts in Aqua Mist® Toner?

Does Aqua Veil® Pure Hydration Serum really release droplets of pure water?

What is the meaning of Aqua Veil?

What is the difference between Aqua Veil Hydrator and Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum?

Can Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum be used alone?

Aqua Cream®, HydroLift® Cream and Wonder Cream® are rich in retinol. Will they irritate my skin like retinol products from other companies?

Aqua Cream seems so fresh and light. Does it really contain lots of arbutin for brightening along with 1.0% retinol?

Aqua Lotion is so light - how well does it moisturize?

What are the main differences between Aqua Cream and Aqua Lotion?

Where does the name HydroLift come from?

The container size for HydroLift is much larger than other retinol creams on the market. Is this just a better value or is something else going on?

Why did you name this product Wonder Cream?

The ingredient list for Wonder Cream says it contains sulfur. I know sulfur is great for the skin, but it usually smells unpleasant. What happened here?

How can I be certain that the 1.0% retinol in this product is active and will stay that way?

What are some of the differences between HydroLift Cream and Wonder Cream?

Can HydroLift Cream and Wonder Cream be used at the same time?

Why are HydroLift and Wonder Cream packaged in an airless pump instead of a jar like so many other luxury skin care products?

3.8% retinol seems to be a really high percentage. I’ve never seen or heard of a product with anywhere near this much retinol. Is it real?

I’ve heard that high concentrations of retinol are always irritating. Yet Eyeconic has 3.8% retinol and can safely be used twice daily. What is the secret?

Is the retinol in Eyeconic Eye Cream safe enough to use on the upper eyelid area?

Can Eyeconic Eye Cream be used in places other than the eye contour and lip areas?

Eyeconic Eye Cream has a very pleasant and unique mild fragrance – ginkgo spice. Is it natural?

What is the best interval for Overnight Express® Therapy application?

Can Overnight Express Therapy be used in place of my current moisturizer?     

Is Ultra Veil® Ultra Light Sunscreen a good option for oily/acne prone skin?

Do you recommend wearing sunscreen under makeup?

New sunscreen ingredients may be approved by the US FDA soon. Will Ultra Veil be as cosmetically elegant and effective as future products containing these yet-to-be FDA approved ingredients?

Is the yellow color of Ultra Veil fluid natural or artificial?

Do I always need to re-apply sunscreen every two hours?

Do the extracts in Ultra Veil help prevent skin cancer?

Does Ultra Veil cause a grey discoloration or cast when applied to those with darker skin?

Ultra Veil is Broad Spectrum rated. What does that mean?

Ultra Veil is considered Broad Spectrum. What is the science behind this determination and classification?

How is Ultra Veil's 40 minute water resistance claim verified?

Why are there six plant extracts in Ultra Veil?

Will Amarte incorporate any sunscreen ingredients awaiting FDA approval into Ultra Veil once approved?

What does SPF 50+ mean? Why isn't there an exact number?

How is Ultra Veil's SPF 50+ value determined?

Are Ultra Veil Sunscreen and Natural FinishTM BB Cream fully compatible?

How do I know which Natural Finish BB Cream tint is right for me?

How much Natural Finish BB Cream is required for optimal facial coverage?

What makes Natural Finish BB Cream coverage so special?

Why are there only seven shades of Amarte BB Cream?

What aspects about Natural Finish BB Cream support the claim of it being the leading BB Cream?