About Us


Our Mission

To enhance skin health and beauty via luxurious, elevated skin care regimens formulated with an eclectic blend of the best international scientific skin care technologies.

The Amarte Difference

Amarte's innovative formulas fuse ancient proven ingredients with modern innovative skin care technology. Our formulas include many of the original ingredients recommended by the Donguibogam, including sulfur, mushrooms, and various botanical extracts.

Products are formulated in South Korea and are tested, refined, and perfected in consultation with board certified dermatologist and president of Amarte, Craig A Kraffert, MD, here in the United States.

The result is Amarte Skin Care - a uniquely luxurious and efficacious skin care brand that takes the very best of Korean skin care philosophy, technology, and creativity and synergizes it with Western dermatology expertise and sensibilities.


Ingredients & Technologies 


In philosophy and practice, Amarte Skin Care around the world is 100% Cruelty-Free.

Amarte products are formulated in Korea where animal testing is prohibited by law.


Our History

Amarte began in Korea in 1994 as a skin care initiative within a prestige dermatology clinic. One of the clinic members was particularly interested in skin care formulations for unmet clinical needs and developed a savant-level ability to produce incredibly different skin care products to address clinically relevant skin and overall aesthetic concerns. Her formulations were met with an incredibly positive response and her efforts led to an increasingly sophisticated and expansive product line. Feedback from clinic patients and the dermatology community at large was resoundingly positive. This remarkable success ultimately gave rise to the founding of Amarte Co., Ltd., Korea in 2001. By 2004, Amarte had become well established as a supplier of high-end skin care products throughout East Asia.

In 2006, Amarte Korea entered an exclusive contract with a major pharmaceutical company in Hong Kong, and the signature product quickly became Hong Kong’s top selling prestige skin care product. In this same year, Amarte partnered with the Korean Bio Regional Innovation Center to further advance and innovate with bioorganic ingredients. It was also in 2006 that these incredible formulas were discovered by American dermatologist and DermStore.com founder, Dr. Craig Kraffert. He recognized the objectively superior properties of Amarte products and decided to form an international corporate partnership to further improve these extraordinarily efficacious Korean formulations and customize them for introduction into the American luxury skin care market.


Dermatogist Owned

Dr. Craig Kraffert is a board-certified dermatologist and President of Amarte. He is the founder of DermStore.com and CK Derm, a five-clinic dermatology practice in northern California and Oregon that specializes in both aesthetic and clinical dermatology.

Trained as a biochemist and cell biologist, Dr. Kraffert began his career in research at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California. Shortly thereafter, he studied medicine at UCLA and interned in surgery at UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Kraffert trained in dermatology at the University of Miami, a program consistently considered one of the world’s most prestigious and desirable. Dr. Kraffert's adventurous spirit led him to build the most successful company ever founded by a dermatologist, DermStore.com. Today, owned by the American company, Target Co., ensuring a lasting legacy for Dr. Krafferts skin care passion and entrepreneurial acumen.

As a dermatologist, biochemist and skin care enthusiast, Dr. Kraffert thought the technology and Amarte formulations was far more advanced than anything experienced during the evaluation of thousands of products submitted to DermStore. This technology resulted in luxury and surpassed everything in DermStore's offering. Dr. Kraffert thus viewed Amarte as a promising technology with products vastly superior to everything in the American market but zero brand awareness. Determined to introduce these objectively superior products to the world, Dr. Kraffert formed an international corporate partnership to further refine the original Amarte formulations and customize the products for the American and broader world market. Under Dr. Kraffert’s direction, Amarte is defining the global standard for luxurious and efficacious skin care systems the wellness and the natural beauty of skin. Amarte is a skin care system that is more than a fusion of East and West – it’s a symbol of beauty and science intertwining, and the celebration of an enjoyable daily ritual.