Common Cleansing Mistakes to Avoid for Better Skin

Common Cleansing Mistakes to Avoid for Better Skin

Common Cleansing Mistakes to Avoid for Better Skin

Keeping your face clean seems like a no-brainer, foam up, wash off, and you’re all done, right? Wrong! There’s a bit more to it than that. If not done properly, your skin will still be lacking the fresh look you're trying to accomplish. It’s time to take a closer glimpse at your cleansing methods. Dermatologists say that many supposedly harmless face-washing habits can lead to common skin problems, like oiliness, dryness, and even have the potential to exacerbate breakouts. Try avoiding these five cleansing sins to attain softer, more radiant skin.


Cleansing Mistake #1: You wash your face with water that’s too hot


It’s so tempting, especially in the cooler months, to wash your face at the sink or in the shower with the hottest water you can tolerate. Even though you may assume that heat will have a steaming effect on your skin and open up pores, it may actually do more harm than good. Hot water strips the skin of moisture it needs to protect itself. Consequently, it can also make the glands below your skin's surface overproduce oil in order to combat the sudden dryness leaving you with a face that’s more prone to irritation and acne. The excessive dryness can also cause your skin to age quicker – so think twice before you turn that hot water knob to the max. Our recommendation, no matter the time of year, is to use lukewarm water instead.


Cleansing Mistake #2: Not removing all makeup residue from skin before bed


We’ve all been there, curled up with a good book or movie on tv, and the last thing we want to do is step away to do our full nightly routine. Your first thought is that one night of skipping your cleanse will be alright. Do not make this mistake - skipping a quality cleanse will harm you in the long run! No matter how inconvenient this task seems at the time, you’re doing yourself more of a disservice by leaving your skin unattended. Allowing your skin to be muddied with products overnight (and debris and oil you’ve collected throughout the day) will hinder your skin’s ability to renew itself throughout the night. To ensure you’re removing all makeup and debris, we highly recommend double cleansing, and fortunately for you, we have a dynamic duo for the perfect double cleanse regimen.


Cleansing Mistake #3: Using the wrong cleanser


Choosing the wrong cleanser may cause early signs of aging, such as fine lines, a dull skin tone, wrinkles, and an uneven or rough skin texture. Using a cleanser that is too harsh for your skin diminishes your skin's natural moisture barrier, leaving your skin unprotected from harmful environmental bacteria and pollutants. If you’re on the hunt for gentle-yet-effective cleansers, we have two that are each incredibly potent and elegant. Daily Wonder® Cleansing Foam is a whipped-to-perfection cleanser made to refresh and pamper all skin types including oily and acne-prone. If an exfoliating powder cleanser is more your speed, Daily ExfoliPowder® is a plant seed-based polishing cleanser that removes dry, dull skin to reveal the smooth, radiant face beneath and is ideal for all skin types.


Cleansing Mistake #4: Over-scrubbing your skin


Some facial cleansers include scrubbing beads that claim to strip your skin of nothing more than bacteria and dead skin. Unfortunately, the scrubbing beads aren’t able to only target these “bad” byproducts, they can actually cause microscopic injuries to your skin which can lead to more issues in the future. The same can be said for cleansing brushes which continue to grow in popularity. The truth is, these products aren’t right (or necessary) for everyone. It’s possible to purchase a brush with the wrong type of bristles or use these brushes on settings too abrasive for your skin and cause inflammation. You also run the risk of these cleansing devices disrupting your skin’s pH/moisture balance. You simply do not need these harsh cleansers or cleansing brush devices in order to achieve a proper cleanse. Simply using a gentle foaming cleanser followed by a soft exfoliating cleanser will leave you with clean, soft, fresh skin that’s primed and ready for the rest of the products in your regimen.


Cleansing Mistake #5: Capping off your cleanse with an astringent toner


Using astringents instead of hydrating toners can lead to skin damage. Even though astringents can be effective in eliminating excess oil from the skin, they typically contain too much of certain ingredients that can strip the skin of its natural oils and lead to extremely over-drying. This goes back to the topic we touched on earlier regarding stripping your skin’s moisture barrier and leading to further damage over time. Post cleanse, you’ll want to add hydration to protect, soften and nourish your delicate skin. A hydrating alternative is our incredible Aqua Mist Toner, an uplifting antioxidant citrus spray mist that delivers an instant complexion boost. We recommend using this product immediately following your double cleanse, it will make a dazzling difference to your skin’s radiance.



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