The Latest Korean Beauty Craze Has to Do With This Weird Health Trend

9 November, 2015


Published by Brit+Co by Morgan Hart

Whether you’re a #skincareaddict or casual beauty observer, Korean beauty is very likely on your radar. Those folks know what they’re doing when it comes to their skincare routines, and their bright, perfected complexions are a walking, talking testament to that. So when a new trend comes over to our side of the world, we make sure to stop and listen. The current craze comes in the form of fermentation, a technique that’s been around for centuries. The process involves soaking food in salt water, allowing for the growth of good bacteria, which produces vitamins, probiotics and enzymes that are great for your skin. The trend is just starting to catch on over here in the States, and we’ve rounded up nine products to try if you’re looking to hop on the K-beauty bandwagon.

Number 3:

Amarte Aqua Mist Toner ($67): This Korean skincare line uses naturally fermented gingko nut extract to give your face a boost of antioxidants. The result is brighter and healthier skin all around.

Sold out

So when a new trend comes over to our side of the world, we make sure to stop and listen.

— Morgan Hart

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