16 April, 2018


Published by SheFinds by Jessica Harrington

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A good sunscreen is hands down the most important product in your beauty routine. We know you’ve probably heard that a couple thousand times from your dermatologist but it’s so true. The experts swear by it for a reason, you know. We can’t stress enough how life-changing a quality sunscreen is.

You need a daily sunscreen in your life.

Using products with SPF, whether that be makeup or regular sunscreen, saves your skin from a variety of sun-related problems. The sun, as glorious as it is, emits harmful UV rays that damage your skin. Spending time in the sunshine without SPF sunscreen protection on, no matter if you’re just going for a light stroll or spending the day at the beach, can severely harm your complexion. The radiation from the sun can cause sunburn, skin cancer, and premature aging–all things absolutely no one wants.

So for the sake of your skin and its healthy, youthful appearance, you need a daily sunscreen in your life.

SHEfinds spoke with three dermatologists across the country to get their favorite anti-aging sunscreen recommendations and these are the products that they love.

Dr. Craig Kraffert, board-certified dermatologist and president of Amarte Skin Care, said, “Sunscreen still remains the most important weapon in preventing premature skin aging and skin cancer, especially because these problems occur in frequently exposed areas including the face, neck, upper chest, arms, and hands. Until recently there has been an essentially unmet need for sunscreen products that are aesthetically pleasant, easy to apply, safe, and effective. Intensifying competition has spawned sunscreen innovation. Amarte’s Ultra Veil® ultra-light sunscreen fluid is an example of a next-generation sunscreen that works. It offers 40-minute water resistant Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ in a super light liquid that absorbs and dries quickly yielding the highest FDA recognized SPF protection available, to protect the face, neck and other sensitive areas sun protective clothing may not cover.”


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Sunscreen still remains the most important weapon in preventing premature skin aging and skin cancer.

— Dr. Craig Kraffert