9 January, 2018


Published by SheFinds by Emily Belfiore

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If you're balling on a budget, the drugstore can be the best place to get all of your beauty products -- especially when it comes to certain skincare products.

But, just because these items are affordable doesn't mean that they're worth your money. Here are the biggest drugstore skincare rip-offs that dermatologists say shoppers should steer clear of:

BB Cream

“BB and CC creams are just tinted moisturizers. They’ve been around forever. The BB and CC monikers are just marketing strategy. Some are great, but some are too greasy or thick," according to Dr. Dendy Engelman, a board certified dermatologic surgeon.

Skin Tighteners

“Department/drugstore products that claim to tighten skin will do one of two things: Nothing at all, or sit on the skin like an old fashioned egg white mask,” says Dr. Engelman. “It is virtually impossible to put makeup over that!”

Detox Products

“Skin detox products are just the most overrated products ever,” says esthetician Ildi Pekar. “Everyone knows the most effective way to detox your skin is by detoxing internally. They try to sell you stuff that is external which can’t be as effective as detoxing your skin from within. Skip these products and opt for creams that have that contain stem cells and honey, which are good for skin renewal and anti-aging.”

Dark Spot Remover Creams

“The most overrated skin care products on the market in my opinion are dark spot remover creams,” says SKINNEY Medspa founder Marisa Martino. "Creams sold over the counter are not medical grade strength, and are too low in concentration of the active ingredients that fade dark spots.”

Stretch Mark Creams

“Stretch mark creams do very little--if anything--to improve the appearance of stretch marks... The best approach to newer stretch marks is to wait for them to improve with time and apply a quality moisturizer," says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Craig Kraffert.

Pore Strips

“Pore strips are super overhyped,” says skincare physician Dr. Tabasum Mir. “Your pores are usually clogged much deeper down and pore strips are generally just overhyped adhesive tape. There is no way they can grab deeply-clogged pores.”


The best approach to newer stretch marks is to wait for them to improve with time and apply a quality moisturizer

Dr. Craig Kraffert