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9 October, 2018


Published by Woman's World by Melanie Aman

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Raise your hand if you hate being sticky after moisturizing your body. Us too! Instead of shivering in your towel until your lotion has soaked in, try actress Alicia Silverstone's beauty trick: moisturizing with baby oil.

"Once a month I remember to put moisturizer on my body," Silverstone admitted in an interview with Into the Gloss. "I just have Hugo ($9.99, Amazon), which is what I got when I was pregnant with my son [over seven years ago] — that shows you how old it is, and how I really don’t buy body moisturizer."

Benefits of Baby Oil for Skin

If you have some leftover baby oil sitting in your bathroom cabinet and are feeling guilty about not throwing it away sooner, don't! Baby oil is actually a great moisturizer for all skin types. It's usually about 98 percent mineral oil and two percent fragrance, which makes it super gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. (Opt for a fragrance-free version if you're allergic to scents.)

Because the molecules in mineral oil are too large to be absorbed by the skin, they form a protective barrier that prevents existing moisture from escaping. “The best time to apply mineral oil is when the skin is moist or even slightly damp, as is the case directly after bathing. This will help lock in some of the moisture on the skin,” Craig A. Kraffert, MD, told The Klog.

Mineral oil has developed a bit of a bad rap because it's derived from petroleum. Critics of mineral oil cite its carcinogenic effects, but they forget to mention that it's industrial-grade mineral oil that's the problem. Unless you were planning on pumping mineral oil directly from an oil rig, it's completely safe to use any mineral oil you find at the store. The carcinogens have all been filtered out, following strict standards from the Food and Drug Administration.

Though there are many benefits of baby oil for skin, be careful about using it on your face. There's some debate about whether mineral oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it was specifically formulated to not block pores. It's rare that mineral oil will lead to acne, Kraffert said, but it can happen.

Benefits of Baby Oil 

The moisturizing power of baby oil doesn't have to stop with just the body. Use it to soften cuticles, calluses, and dry dead ends (just make sure you lightly apply it on a cotton pad or tissue first and then pull your hair through the pad or tissue). Heck, you can even use it in place of shaving gel. Given all the wonderful benefits of baby oil, what's stopping you from using that leftover bottle — or even picking up a new one?