Ingredient Spotlight: Propolis Extract

Ingredient Spotlight: Propolis Extract

Ingredient Spotlight: Propolis Extract

The byproducts of bees are truly incredible tools to help keep humans healthy. So many potent natural remedies, said to treat an entire spectrum of ailments can be traced back to bees. While honey is of course the most popular, we would like to take a moment to put the spotlight on the lesser known, yet miraculous ingredient called Propolis Cera. While many believe that Propolis works wonders when ingested, we’d like to enlighten you as to what Propolis is, and why you should include this bee byproduct in your skin care routine.

What is Propolis?   

In simplest terms, Propolis is a resinous compound created by bees that is used to fill in crevices in the hive to protect from invaders, the environment, as well as prevent infestation by germs, fungus, molds, and pathogens. While propolis varies from case to case, all types have physical and chemical properties that are common to one another, including the presence of flavonoids. Flavonoids have antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects, including when they’re used on our skin.

What is the benefit of Propolis in skin care?

Propolis can be utilized in skin care products in the same way as honeybees use it to defend themselves. It possesses well-documented antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effects. It offers calming, hydrating, and oil-control benefits and is high in flavonoids and phenolic substances. It’s easiest to discuss the benefits of Propolis when you separate its benefits into two main categories: the first for antibacterial & anti-inflammatory benefits, and second for antioxidant benefits. Each category has its own influence on your skin’s overall health and appearance.

  1. Antibacterial & Anti-inflammatory benefits: When used properly and continuously, propolis can reduce redness and hyperpigmentation, while also targeting acne bacteria and easing inflammation related to acne. If you have any scarring on your skin, it also speeds up the healing process.
  2. Antioxidant benefits: Propolis offers protection from environmental aggressors such as sunlight, pollution & radiation. It also neutralizes free radicals and helps to avoid premature aging, dullness, and dark spots (hyperpigmentation).

It’s no coincidence that two of our best-selling products contain this powerful ingredient. Propolis can be found in Wonder Cream® and Overnight Express® Therapy Mask, making both of these products ideal for helping heal breakouts and protect the integrity of your skin. Don’t just take our word for it, see the magic of propolis firsthand! Implementing either one of these propolis-containing products, or both simultaneously, will drastically improve the clarity, brilliance, and radiance of your skin.



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