Should you choose Medical Grade Moisturizers over Drugstore Moisturizers?

Should you choose Medical Grade Moisturizers over Drugstore Moisturizers?

Should you choose Medical Grade Moisturizers over Drugstore Moisturizers?

Imagine you’re in your local store (we all love a “quick” Target ® run, right?!) There you are, standing in the skin care aisle. Your task is to pick a moisturizer that won't cause your skin to break out, with the right amount of hydration to give you that “lit from within” glow. Easy, right? Well, not quite. Drugstore moisturizers may be cheaper than the rest, but they can be level-one hazards when it comes to negative skin reactions. Even though some of these products are from acceptable brands, how do you know which product to choose if you don't have expert guidance and are left with simply what's written on the back of the package to help you choose?

Unlike most drugstore moisturizers, Amarte's products are dermatologically tested (and dermatologist-owned, might we add). Amarte also offers complimentary skin care consultations before you make a purchase, so you know from the start the answers to your questions, as well as receive expert guidance on which products are best for your specific skin type and concerns. Amarte products are made in small batches by a product savant in Korea using only Grade A ingredients, which are thoughtfully selected to deliver maximum results.

How can the wrong moisturizer affect your skin?

        1.   Due to their unknown reputability, drugstore moisturizers may cause clogged pores and dull skin. When we use an improper moisturizer, we may accidentally delay our skin's regeneration. Some richer drugstore moisturizers can have a soothing effect which may seem luxurious to apply to the skin, but in fact, what they are doing is retaining old dead skin cells rather than assisting in the regeneration process. Choosing the proper rejuvenative moisturizer for your skin type helps keep it balanced and radiant.

      2.  Moisturizing with the wrong product also disbalances the protective barrier of your skin. As the largest organ covering the entire human body protecting against toxins, radiation, etc., we need our skin in tip top shape at all times. Using the appropriate moisturizer helps your skin stay youthful and protected. Your face, neck, ears, and chest are tremendously sensitive, having to regenerate more often than other skin areas. Since this daily cell-loss process makes these sections prone to dryness, moisturizing with the proper cream can provide your sensitive skin regions the boost they so desperately need to regenerate themselves and stay healthy, acting as the ultimate barrier.

      3.  The wrong moisturizer for your skin can also create an imbalance of water and lipids, impairing your skins natural hydration abilities, thus becoming dry. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles than other skin types. Imagine a dry piece of paper and a piece of paper that has been soaked in water. The water-soaked paper won’t crumple and crease, while the dry piece will. This is the same thing that happens with your face when a person with dry skin frowns or smiles. Moisturizing with the proper cream will keep a smile on your face and wrinkles at bay. The plump, firming feeling on your skin after moisturizing is not an illusion. Properly moisturized skin displays wrinkles at just a small fraction of the rate of those with dry skin.

Instead of using low-quality moisturizers that can obstruct your skin's regeneration, try adopting a new skin care routine that includes the proper moisturizer, cleanser, and a gentle exfoliant. Your skin will thank you for providing it with the attention it needs to glow at its best. We’re living in a moment where the natural look is in, so it’s the perfect time to look naturally radiant by using a results-driven skincare line that highlights your beauty, inside and out.

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