13 Spooky Skincare Myths - DEBUNKED!

13 Spooky Skincare Myths - DEBUNKED!

13 Spooky Skincare Myths - DEBUNKED!

Happy Halloween, Beauties! 🎃 Here at Amarte, we are all about treats, no tricks! In honor of Halloween, we’ve decided to unmask some spooky skin care myths that cause headaches to many skin care enthusiasts. Let’s clear up this web of lies, shall we?!


SpOoKy Skin Myth #1: You should always follow skincare influencers’ advice — FALSE

Do you have a favorite skin care influencer? Do they try all sorts of products and “hacks” and show you results that almost seem unattainable? We also know of this skin care miracle, and in most cases, it’s called a filter. 😉 Still, genuine influencers may give you good advice on using some quality products even though many of these products are most likely sponsored. This means that someone has paid them or provided them with free product to advertise on their behalf.

We completely understand the draw to purchase the next best thing in skin care, but please remember that different skin types and genetic backgrounds require different skincare approaches. We advise that you stick to the professionals, visit your dermatologist or a licensed esthetician and get a customized skincare regimen tailored specifically for your complexion!


SpOoKy Skin Myth #2: You only need to apply SPF if we’re going to be outside — FALSE

One would think, right? Since light easily penetrates glass windows, exposure to UVB rays happens indoors, as well, and a lot more than we may think. Even though it is unlikely to get sunburns from indoor sun exposure, harmful UVB rays may accelerate skin aging and have the potential to cause even more serious concerns. Use sunscreen on a daily basis to protect your face and body, and enjoy the additional anti-aging benefits that accompany this magical SPF 50+.


SpOoKy Skin Myth #3: Eating a poor diet gives you acne — PARTIALLY TRUE

While hormone levels related to your diet can be troublesome in regard to your skin, so can those that are indirectly related to your diet, and genetics also play a factor. This is why you can see someone with a relatively “clean” diet with acne, or someone who eats junk all the time with clear, glowing skin. Overall, each individual’s clear skin journey is something that is best to be covered with a dermatologist to see what kind of lifestyle tweaks can be made to help!


SpOoKy Skin Myth #4: Using hot water to bathe or wash your face gets you cleanest — FALSE

Hot water damages keratin cells on the top layer of our skin (outer layer) called the epidermis. Damaging these cells causes dry skin preventing them from collecting moisture, making your skin feel and appear dull. The better option is to wash with lukewarm water, and we highly recommend a double cleanse to get your skin prepped and ready for your hydrating, moisturizing, and rejuvenating skin care products!


SpOoKy Skin Myth #5: You should scrub your skin with harsh exfoliants to get rid of all dead skin cells — FALSE

Exfoliating gives your skin a silky-soft and smooth appearance by eliminating dead skin cells. If those dead cells stay on your skin, you will be left with dry and flaky patches that will make your foundation look uneven. Exfoliating helps you accelerate this process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. However, harsh exfoliators containing microbeads and other rough ingredients can have a damaging effect on our skin. We recommend using something more gentle, our powder exfoliant is just that, it’s also 100% cruelty-free, consists of elegant plant-based ingredients, and is safe to use on a daily basis (even 2x a day if preferred).


SpOoKy Skin Myth #6: Oily-skinned individuals don’t need moisturizers — FALSE

Quite the opposite! In order for your skin to produce less oil, a moisturizer is needed to reestablish proper balance. Choosing a moisturizer that suits your skin will provide a refined treatment that not only restores balance and brightens your complexion but rejuvenates it as well.


SpOoKy Skin Myth #7: You can shrink pore size — FALSE

Even though many of us would like this to be true, it simply isn’t. Pore size is genetically determined and there’s nothing you can do to actually make them smaller or get rid of them. What you can do, is reduce the appearance of pores by using a skin care routine that is customized to your particular skin type. Some of the best skincare helpers for large pores are hyaluronic acid and retinol. Hyaluronic acid helps to plump fine lines and wrinkles, almost causing somewhat of a blurring effect on the skin (we love this hydrator pre-makeup because it’s the perfect primer)! Retinol reduces wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating cell turnover which boosts the production of collagen, while simultaneously reducing sebum production. Your pores may stay the same, but visually, these miracle-ingredients make your complexion seem plumper and more youthful.


SpOoKy Skin Myth #8: Dark circles are caused by lack of sleep — PARTIALLY TRUE

Okay friends, this is a fun one to dive into, because this involves an optical illusion. Technically when we slack on sleep, our complexion can be duller and paler, which of course would accentuate any darkness around the eyes, right? It also can cause fluid retention resulting in puffiness, but the idea that lack of sleep causes our dark circles to become darker themselves is false – it’s simply a game of perception. The real culprit in this case is genetics. Genetics play a major role in factors that cause dark circles: collagen levels and melanin production. Let's not also forget some 'honorable mentions' such as allergies, alcohol, and aging.


SpOoKy Skin Myth #9: Sunscreens with the highest possible SPF ratings are the best — FALSE

This one is tricky! High-SPF products CAN provide a better "shield", but the truth is that they might not be significantly better in protecting you from UVB exposure and may provide you with a false sense of safety. According to a report from the FDA in 2019, higher SPF values have not been proven to provide additional protection and due to this, the FDA has proposed limiting SPF ratings to 50+, and the EWG recommends avoiding anything that’s rated higher that SPF 50+. Lucky for you, our SPF 50+ also includes luxurious anti-aging ingredients, so you’ll not only receive the sun protection you’re looking for, you’ll prevent/reverse aging in more ways than one when you use this product!


SpOoKy Skin Myth #10: Wearing makeup ages you — PARTIALLY TRUE

Makeup can lead to premature aging if you’re not properly cleansing and nourishing your skin with quality skincare and anti-aging products. Don’t you wish there was one simple product could have all these incredible functions combined?! Oh wait, there is! Our BB Cream includes a plethora of skin care ingredients that nourish your skin as you wear it. A perfect fusion of foundation, moisturizer, and SPF 36.


SpOoKy Skin Myth #11: If my skincare product is burning when I apply it - it’s working — MYTH 

If you feel stinging/burning and you begin seeing redness when you apply your skincare product, this may be a product that doesn’t agree with your skin and you may want to remove it with a cool, damp cloth. Some products may tingle or slightly sting (and 99.9% of the time that this is the case the label should say so), but for most facial skin care products, you should not expect a product to cause any discomfort.


SpOoKy Skin Myth #12: Drinking water alone will make your skin hydrated and healthy — PARTIALLY TRUE

Our skin consists of a lot of water thus it needs to have its optimal level of hydration to keep its glow and radiate. Water helps prevent blemishes, acne, discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, while drinking water is great for your skin, a proper skincare routine is required to have healthy glowing skin.


SpOoKy Skin Myth #13: You shouldn’t use eye cream unless you have wrinkles — MYTH

Whoever came up with this wants to try the complex way. Why treat your concerns when you can prevent them? Start early, it’s easier to prevent aging than to reverse it! Our eye cream is gentle, yet effective, with 3.8% nano-encapsulated retinol to promote elasticity without irritation, it provides deep hydration, nourishes your skin, and is safe to use both morning and night.


We hope we have cleared up some of your confusion when it comes to skin care. We know how scary it can be not knowing what’s true and what may cause more harm than good. Remember that you shouldn’t trust everything you see online, and to consult a dermatologist regarding what products are best for you!




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