Korean Skin Care 101: Nourish | Hydrate | Brighten

Korean Skin Care 101: Nourish | Hydrate | Brighten

Korean Skin Care 101: Nourish | Hydrate | Brighten

Korean women are known around the globe for having impeccable, glass-like complexions that are the envy of the rest of us. Have you ever wondered what products they use or what their regimen is to achieve such flawless complexions, or considered what it would take to attain that as well? Allow us to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain into the commitment and groundbreaking technology it takes to achieve “glass skin”.


  1. In Korea, skin care is a part of the Lifestyle

Skin care in Korea is more than a daily habit, it’s a cultural obsession. These skin care enthusiasts know just the right ingredients and the proper way to layer products to create a blend that leaves behind pristinely glowing skin. Each individual takes careful time and consideration in choosing the best products for their skin concerns and continues to educate themselves on how they can step up their skin care game. Korean culture calls for individuals to dedicate numerous years of attention to detail not only in regard to their skin care routine, but also with beauty products, dietary habits, and overall lifestyle.

Skin care routines aren’t seen as a nuisance or something to be hurried through each morning and evening. It is a treasured twice-daily ritual of self-care. You won’t find a bathroom vanity with minimalist approach to products either, most individuals’ routines are multi-step and chock-full of intention (which is why the phrase “10-step Korean skin care regimen” is so commonly known). The idea of skin care isn’t just about going through the motions of washing your face and applying the moisturizer, it’s about infusing the practice of self-care into the daily ritual and truly appreciating each moment of the routine.


  1. Innovative Technology

It is known that Korea is about 10 years advanced of the skin care technology we have here in the states, this allows for new products to consistently arrive on the market and is also necessary due to demand. Skin care and cosmetic companies are aware that Korean consumers are constantly in search of the next best thing, which leads to continual research, development, and launches of cutting-edge products with the latest and greatest technology. Korean consumers do not shy away from trying the latest trends and desire excellence from their products. This is why so many of the innovative products that are popular in the US now are Korean-made (think sheet masks, BB Creams, and hydrocolloid acne patches).


  1. Prevention vs. Revision

Skin care is woven into the Korean lifestyle from a young age, which not only leads to a love to the regimen, but also allows for most individuals to prevent many skin concerns that most of us don’t even think about until we already see them in the mirror. The concept of turning back the clock isn’t something that resonates with them, they’re much more proactive when it comes to incorporating results-driven products into their routine early on.

Many of us lack the patience and consistency to use a product and see results over time. This is something that is innately different between western and eastern culture. Korean individuals have the patience to consistently use their products from a young age, and in doing so are graced with glowing beautiful skin throughout their lives.


  1. Nourishing Plant-Based Ingredients

Many people have the idea that if their skin doesn’t tingle or burn after they apply a product, it can’t possibly be working. This isn’t the case and is the opposite of the Korean philosophy behind skin care. Koreans take a traditional medicinal type of approach when it comes to the ingredients in their skin care, which also means their products are gentler and therefore safer for those with sensitive skin. These ingredients allow for proper hydration and rejuvenation without causing disruption or damage to the skin barrier. This is a bit different than in western culture where we are taught to use harsh peels and treatments to “reset” our skin, Korean philosophy is to replenish the hydration our skin craves.

Ingredients found in nature are most often found in Korean skin care. Ingredients such as: green tea, centella asiatica, lotus flower, aloe, propolis, chamomile, silk, licorice root - the list goes on and on. Naturally extracted ingredients, in fact, can be found in nearly every Korean skin care line on the market. The difference is where these ingredients are sourced and how they are graded (we’ll go into this in more detail in part 2).


  1. Elegant Products Formulated for Layering

Have you ever applied a product and had it pill (form tiny little balls of product) or smell muddy once it’s layered with your other products? That’s not something that you will see when it comes to Korean skin care. These products are formulated to be layered, and often the way they are scented is meant to be complementary as well. This layering of products not only provides Korean individuals with softer, more hydrated skin, it also serves as protection from harsh environmental conditions through every changing season.


Now that you’ve learned the basics behind Korean skin care, are you wondering what makes Amarte Skin Care stand out from other Korean lines available in the US? Visit our blog "What is the Amarte Skin Care Regimen" to learn about our take on Korean skin care.



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